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Building cut timber

We deliver cut timber in the form of prisms, planks, boards, and laths. The maximum possible profile is 200 x 200 mm and 11 m of length. We only deliver cut timber upon customer's order according to the specifications. We have only a limited range of laths and boards on stock. We deliver the lengths that are a multiple of 0,5 m + sawmill excess. Upon agreement, the cut timber can be soaked by spraying.

Cut timber with more edges

We offer cut timber with octagon, hexagon and triangle profiles. Such cut timber is suitable for making garden houses and pergolas' constructions special, as well as for the construction of children see-saws, jungle gyms, sandpits, etc. In case hard wood is used, it is well resistant against weather conditions (oak, locust) and in case of vacuum-pressure soaking, the cut wood is also suitable for the construction of breast walls, terrace reinforcement, palisade construction, etc. We supply cut timber with more edges in the lengths up to 3 m and the diameter of 110-350 mm.

Wooden paving

The wooden paving is a well-known and widely used construction material. The wooden paving has great heat-insulating characteristics and it absorbs noise very well. It also excels by relative lightness, electrical non-conductibility and health unobjectionability. It is also environment-friendly. The wooden paving can handle higher load and can be repaired easily.

The paving is manufactured of hard-wood species, especially oak, eventually locust. Those are well humidity-resistant. The cheaper variant is made of conifer species. Those are less resistant and therefore more suitable for covered areas. We mainly use central cut timber. Drought cracks diverge radially from the centre. Those do not affect the quality unless the cube is broken. The cracks make the paving look rustic and change their size according to current humidity.

The wooden paving is suitable for exteriors and half-interiors and it also looks very nice as garden path or pergola floor, access road, swimming pool terrace, garage parking place, pavement, stable or dog kennel floor.

In case you use wooden paving in the exterior, we recommend chemical protection. The most suitable is the vacuum-pressure soaking which significantly improves the lifetime of the wood.

The laying of wooden floors is, similarly to interlocking pavement, done to a layer of gravelous sand; nevertheless, it is necessary to create a sufficiently thick drainage gravel layer. The gaps should be at least 4 mm wide and filled with siliceous sand; these gaps enable correct water drainage and can absorb the changes of the volume of the wood.






Fence sections

The massive fence sections are manufactured from octagon and hexagon profiles with the diameter of 110 mm. They will capture your attention due to its construction as well as above-average look. Since we use relatively massive profiles, their lifetime is quite long. The profiles are made of thin spruce, pine or larch round timber. We deliver the sections in sizes required by the customer and we can also ensure soaking and glazing. The maximum possible height is 250 cm and the maximum possible length is 350 cm.

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