Electronic water treatment

Electronic water treatment devices AntiCa++

AntiCa++ devices help to get rid of limescale deposits that are being formed due to the temperature or pressure changes of hard water e.g. in boilers, heat exchangers, households or when treating water from a well.
Scale creation mostly happens when hard water is being heated up, both in households and industry. Heating up water causes the calcium contained in the water to separate and settle on the surface of a heating element of a system such as boiler or a heat exchanger (the harder the water is, the more calcium there is to separate). The heating efficiency of those elements is thus considerably decreased. Eventually, the scale build-up causes the heating element to fail, damaging the whole system and leading to high replacement costs.
Using the AntiCa++ water treatment devices is an effective way to avoid problems that a scale build-up can cause.

Advantages of using AntiCa++ water treatment devices:

  • no maintenance or servicing of the device is needed
  • no chemicals are added to your water
  • low electricity consumption of the device
  • not only it stop scale from building up, it also dissolves old layers of limescale
  • easy installation of the device (even in older systems)

Important notice: Electronic water treatment does not soften the treated water. It only temporarily changes physical features of the water so the calcium cannot settle but flows out with the water in the form of sludge instead. It is necessary to remove the sludge from the system afterwards, using filters to catch the sludge, e.g. in the separator.

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