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Pallet collars

Collapsible pallet collars are designed for transport and storage of merchandise on EUR pallets. They fully replace cardboard, metal and plastic boxes. Collars can be fitted onto EUR pallet on top of each other up to the required height. 

Transport of empty and collapsed pallet collars is very economical.

pallet collarpallet collars with handelsEUR palletwooden lid


Example of using pallet collars

The pallet collar consists of four specially designed zinc-coated metal hinges and four spruce boards, planned on all sides with chamfered edges. Metal hinges are riveted to spruce boards.

Weight of extension is 7,5 kg

Dimensions - standard version:

800x1200x200 mm (WxLxH)

800x1200x400 mm (WxLxH)

600x800x200 mm (WxLxH)

Thickness of boards: 20 mm

We make also extensions serially in non-standard dimensions according to client's wish.

Collapsible version

collapsible pallet collarcollapsible pallet collarcollapsible pallet collarcollapsible pallet collar with handelscollapsible pallet collar on a pallet

Stable version

non-collapsible pallet collarwooden box with liddurelis box

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