Magnetic water treatment- non-chemical water treatment solution using neodymium magnets

From the very beginning of its development, human body is used to drinking natural water from springs and other water supplies that are naturally exposed to the effects of magnetic field of the earth and other physical effects such as changes of pressure or temperature. Since people started using water for other purposes than drinking, we face problems caused by limescale. Anti Ca++ devices offer a simple solution.

Main advantages:

  • easy installation with no plumbing works
  • no electricity needed
  • no maintenance required
  • environment-friendly product- no added chemicals

How it works:

Why is limescale being created?

One of the main principles of nature is balance. The calcium carbonate particles are mostly balanced in water from a well or other natural sources. By heating it up, the balance is violated. To restore it, calcium is being excluded from the water in the form of CaCOwhich is the hard sediment known as a limescale.


Anti Ca++ devices use strong neodymium magnets to create magnetic field that restores balance by renewing the content of free carbon dioxide CO2 in the water. During this process, positive ions of calcium Ca2+ collide with negative ions of carbon CO32- and create electrically neutral molecules CaCO3.

Those molecules do not create limescale deposits but come out with the water instead. Water treated this way automatically acquires those properties:

  • decreases creation of limescale in hot water
  • disrupts old limescale deposits
  • protects iron and copper pipes from corrosion
  • the content of minerals in the water remains the same
  • has got positive effect on people with sensitive skin- better feeling after a shower
  • lowers the amount of soap and other detergents needed for washing and thus saves money and protects environment
  • has got temporary beneficial properties as it breaks the bonds of CaCO3 and helps water restore equilibrium

Placement and installation

Placement of the device

The most suitable place for installation of the device is on the water supply line into the house so in front of or behind the water meter. Device can be installed on any kind of pipes but pipes made of non-iron materials (plastic, copper) are the most suitable ones.


The installation itself is very easy. No pipe or water flow interruption (no plumbing) is needed. The device is simply placed on the water pipe and fastened with a clip and screws which are part of the package.

Technical specification

 Device type

Diameter of the pipe [inch]

  Product dimensions (w x l x h) [mm] 



166 x 90 x 75


3/4" - 5/4"

206 x 120 x 110


6/4" - 2"

256 x 140 x 140

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