One-way pallets

Standard one-way pallets are intended for one use and are very similar to a classical EUR pallet- standard size of one-way pallet is also 1200 x 800 mm. One-way pallets are very good alternative of EUR pallets as they have got similar characteristic, loading capacity and size. Thanks to this, one-way pallets allow easy and comfortable transport and storage of your goods.

EUR pallets

EUR pallets are the most common type of pallets used for transport and storage of goods of all sorts. Their advantage lies in their complete standartization and the fact that they can be loaded and lifter from all 4 sides.

We offer 3 types of EUR pallets:

  • EUR pallet NEW- brand new EUR pallet from our highly reliable and licenced suppliers
  • EUR pallet USED type A- licenced and marked EUR pallet used 1 time, light colour
  • EUR pallet USED type B- licenced and marked EUR pallet used more times, dark colour but fully functional

Atypical pallets

We offer also custom-made pallets where size and loading capacity of the pallet are determined by our customers to best fit their specific requirements.

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