Transport boxes

We produce wooden transport boxes with lids for safe and easy transportation of any sort of goods. The box usually consists of transport pallet, sidewalls, lid and dividers for individual layers of products in the box. The transport boxes can also be made out of plywood, chipboard, Durelis or OSB boards.

Transport box Durelis

Transport box made of Durelis is composed of wooden pallet on which Durelis sidewalls are fastened (the usual thickness of the wall is 12mm) and a lid from the same material closes the box. Size of the box depends on customer’s requirements. Boxes are delivered to the customer either assembled and ready to be used right away or decomposed, individual parts of the box lying on the pallet ans customer assembles the box when needed (the advantage is smaller size of the package so the boxes are easier to transport and stored). Items to fix the goods inside of the box to stop it from moving can be delivered as a part of the transport box if required.

One-way pallet

We also produce one-way pallets of any size and loading capacity to best fit customer needs (unlike EUR pallets, one-way pallets are not restricted by precise size requirements specified by the European Pallet Association).

Cardboard box

We are also suppliers of cardboard boxes of different sizes and types of paperboards (three to five layers paperboards are used most often). Paper boxes can be custom-made according to the needs and specification of a customer.

Box made of atypical pallet collars

Transport box with a lid is possible to make in a foldable version as well by using foldable pallet collars which can  be custom-made in any desired size. Based on customer requirements we will make such a size of pallet and pallet collars that exactly fits the needs of the products that are being wrapped. A lid (wooden, plywood…) will be then place on the top of the collars and the box is ready to be used.

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