About us

The company was established in late 2000 with the aim to sell and install electronic water treatment systems. The year 2001 brought us some major industrial contracts, while about a half of the installations were carried out in private houses and apartments. We also offer accessory technology required for water treatment on request (filters for solid particles, mud traps, water meters with connectors to flow meters, flanges, weld-on elbows, etc.)

In 2002 the company entered the market for packaging materials. We began to produce wooden collapsible attachments for EUR pallets, now with an annual output of about 100 thousand pieces. Production and sale of other packaging materials naturally followed, such as cardboard boxes, PVC, bags and hoses, meshes, various foils and so on.

In 2003 we began to present our company as a servicing body for packaging management, aiming towards comprehensive product packaging services for our customers.

The year 2003 also brought ISO 9001-2009 certification, a significant growth starter and base for customer influx, bringing important changes into company organisation. 

In 2004 we expanded to the field of co-operation on products packaged into packaging produced by us, e.g. chip working of aluminium or cast iron parts.

We also expanded in the pallet collar business where we added buy-back, repairs and sale of used pallet collars and EUR/ Epal pallets.

In 2007 a new division REWORK was established with the aim to provide on – demand final inspection, measuring and minor repairs of manufactured products.

In 2011 we were granted an Employment Agency status and started outsourcing our employees, mainly to companies operating within engineering industry.

Year 2013 brought expansion in the field of water treatment- chemical water treatment devices and other water treatment accessories (such as waste water treatment devices, salt for chemical water treatment, cation exchanger technology, chemicals designed to remove iron and manganese particles from the water) were added to our product portfolio.

The newest addition to our company is our brand new production and storage plant in Troubsko. Production of all wooden packaging materials takes place here as well as buy-back of used EUR pallets, one-way pallets and pallet collars.