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Our company deals with manufacturing of extensions for the EUR palettes. The palette extensions are used mainly for an easy transportation and storage of goods. The palette extensions are piled on common EUR palettes - see the video - and their use enables a better use of the bearing area of the palette and the creation of a solid wooden box with necessary dimensions to protect the goods transported from mechanical damage, dust and moisture. The palette extensions therefore fully replace paper, sheet-metal or plastic boxes. They can be used in any industrial branch. The palette extensions will be manufactured in the height according to customer's needs, with the dimensions of 100, 200, 300, and 400 mm. The palette fenders can be fixed or folding and we produce them also in non-standard dimensions including palettes suitable only for the needs of one customer. Upon request, we can also mark the extensions delivered with your logo or a description with a font size or picture chosen by you.

In case of a standard size of the fender, 1200 x 800 x 200 mm, you can calculate with buyback - every place that buys back the pallets shall also buy back the fenders, since they are a common package.

The heat treatment of the wooden extensions according to the ISPM 15 standard, as well as the obligatory marking according to the Act on Packages are a matter of course. We have our own certified wood-drying plant.

We also provide the buy-back, repairs and sale of used extensions for the EUR palettes. The buy-back of extensions sold by us from your place can be agreed; in such case, we bear the transport costs.

REWORK is another activity of our company. The Rework Division is focused on checks, measuring and small repairs of goods. It offers a 100% check of the products - picking, assortment, check-outs including packing and preparation of the goods for dispatching. We also perform simple finish such as fray filing, fray scraping, sanding, drilling, clearing of pre-cast holes, screw gauging, measuring, form gauging, machine work and others. All these activities are performed by our employees, employed by our company as an official work agency registered by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Those employees can perform commissioned works in your company premises, or we can agree on the transport of your goods to our company premises and we can perform checks or agreed activities in our place and deliver to you goods already packed according to your packing standard and prepared for dispatch with a pack of discarded pieces.

The third area of our company activity is the sale and installation of electronic devices for non-chemical water treatment. Our devices use the physical principles of water treatment with the use of frequency modulated dynamic electromagnetic field. This field is created by a transformer placed in the proper device (it requires a connection to an a. c. voltage socket) that acts on the pipes through an inductor of insulated wire that is coiled around the pipe in a set number of convolutions (according to water hardness). The pipes don't have to be cut and the installation is very easy. The electricity consumption of our devices is expressed in hundredths of kWh which can be recalculated as tens of CZK per year.

The electronic water treatment dissolves solid sediments and deposits. The electronic water treatment creates an anticorrosive Fe3O4 layer on metal surface, saves detergents as well as chemical preparation expenses, it also positively affects the plant grow and it can increase the solidity of a concrete. Since it is a non-chemical water treatment which only results in the change of crystal structure of the calcium-magnesium compounds in the water, no chemical changes of treated water are produced and the content of minerals remains the same.

You can find detailed information on all our activities - Palette extensions - Rework - Electronic Water Treatment - on pertinent subsections of our website. In case of your interest do not hesitate to get in touch with us; we shall prepare you a specific offer.