We offer "REWORK" services- 100% quality control of castings. Service is provided on site of the customer who is usually a foundry or a smithy. Sorting, marking, filing, simple finishing and packing are all a standard part of the services.

Currently, there are four working groups available for our customers in the "REWORK" division. There are 2-3 employees working in each group.

The employees of individual groups are trained in the area of work and health safety and fire protection. All employees are also familiar with documents related to the quality of work performed and all activities according to individual certifications. The employees of our company are dressed in working cloths with a visible marking of the company.

R.S. AQUATECH CZ, s.r.o. is holder of the ČSN ISO 9001 : 2009 certificate.

In case the customer requires a special training according to his internal directives, our employees, who will perform the work and are fully trained for that, are available to him.

We usually perform our work at the customer's or at a place set by the customer. The work can also be performed in our premises. If the goods needs to be transported, we will gladly organize it through one of our spedition partners.

We accept full responsibility for a defect eliminated according to the documentation when the work, required from us, is finished and was properly explained according to the documentation. All work is handed over with a completion certificate.

Completion certificate for download (Excel) - download completion certificate

Currently, we provide this service mainly to foundries and cutting shops in the Czech Republic. Since February 2009, we cooperate with a German, an Italian and a Polish foundry. All these foundries supply their castings to Czech companies that produce those castings.

What we offer:

  • 100% visual check - picking assortment, marking, storage - packing according to packing directive
  • Simple finish
    - fray filing (repair)
    - fray scraping (repair)
  • Measuring with slide caliper
  • Measuring + check with depth gauge
  • Measuring + check with drift meter
  • Magnifying glass check (porousness assessment)
  • Check of micro cracks on machined surfaces
  • Measuring of casting flatness
  • Checks with cylindrical gauges + screw gauges
  • Machine work
    - stamping, marking, micro pencil writting
    - drilling, turning, milling, screwing
    - forcing-in of smaller cases

Price list - R.S. AQUATECH CZ, s.r.o. division „REWORK"

100% inspection – inspection, picking out

standing price according to job order

simple finish – fray filing

standing price + 20 CZK/hour

fray scraping

standing price + 20 CZK/hour

grinding using grinding machine

standing price + 30 CZK/hour

Measuring with caliper

standing price + 20 CZK/hour

Inspection using gauge

standing price + 15 CZK/hour

Machine work – stamping, marking, micro pencil writting

standing price + 50 CZK/hour

Job order to download (Excel) - download job order

Would you like to receive a custom-made price offer for specific REWORK activities? Do not hesitate to contact us at, we will be glad to hear from you!

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